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PG: Illuminate Your Life
PG is a dynamic company specializing in cosmeceutical & nutritional products


Who Are We?
Perfect Glow is a dynamic Egyptian
company specializing in cosmeceutical
and nutritional products designed to
enhance both your beauty and health. Our
products are crafted with top-tier compo-
nents, ensuring you shine at your best
with Egyptian hands and affordable price.


Our Roots:

Born from a collaboration between
experts in the pharmaceutical and
medical fields, Perfect Glow embodies a
blend of knowledge, passion, and innova-
tion. The formulations and manufacturing
process led by experts in cosmeceuticals
employing environmentally- friendly
material and upholding the proud tradition
of manufacturing in Egypt.


Our Strength:

Co-ownership and management by
seasoned professionals in medical and
pharmaceutical sectors for more than
20 years, with hands-on experience in
the Egyptian market, empowers Perfect
Glow. The synergy of advanced technol-
ogy and Egyptian beauty secrets is our
unique proposition.


Our Legacy:

Today, Perfect Glow stands as a reputa-
ble brand, trusted by many in their
quest for beauty and wellness.

Our Vision:

Marrying innovative formulations with
Egyptian craftsmanship, we aspire to
create unparalleled products for export
to the Middle East, Africa, and the Gulf

Facial Gentle cleanser

with Vit C & B3
Exfoliating, Soothing,
Moisturizing & Tightening
Excellent curing properties
Deep Facial Cleanser that Peels,
Hydrates, and Tightens Facial Skin
for a Fresher, Smoother, and Firmer
Looking Complexion in Minutes

Antibacterial action , fights
Acne (helps to heal the skin
with time and fade the acne)
Rejuvenates the skin,
increase cell turnover and
improve collagen synthesis
Exfoliating away dead skin
cells and prevents acne
breakout (Since lemon peel is
going to chemically exfoliate
the skin each time you use it)
Anti-inflammatory action ,
reducing the risk of scarring
Sebum regulating action ,
controls oily appearance
of the skin.
Has an antioxidant effect
as it contains caffeine.
Has a moisturizing effect
as it contains Vit B3.
Contains a foaming silicon
brush that ensures a proper
cleansing and reduces white
and black heads breakouts

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keeps skin protected from the harmful UVA/UVB sun rays.
Niacinamide healing any hyperpigmentation.
Vit E ,Potent Antioxidant has significant Anti-aging defense.
Hyaluronic acid moisturizing and rejuvenating the face.
Anti-wrinkles and reduces the dark spots.

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Moisturizing Cream

Day Defense Cream

Don’t disturb daily activities
( Rapid absorption ).
Vit E Guards against
Renewal of epidermal cells
giving bright complexion.

Night Intensive cream

Inflammatory conditions are
exacerbated at night.
Iodine content in jojoba oil has
a strong antimicrobial effect.
Zinc & Copper (Jojoba oil) have
a Healing power.
Lasting hydration effect during
the night.

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